Data & Privacy Policy

Having started as an integrated part of a community, Computer Genius for Hire knows how highly you value your privacy. We act in complete compliance with the laws of Canada which are in place to protect your interests. However, unlike the practices of law and medicine, within these laws there is no specific legal requirement, just certain limited guidelines, which concern the privacy practices of information technology workers. In light of this, we take our own initiatives to define a code of conduct in relation to your data. At Computer Genius for Hire, we take it upon ourselves to make a commitment to being dedicated to protecting your personal and confidential information.

This occurs in three areas:

a) First and foremost, in modern computing there are countless threats to your privacy in the form of malicious software and information collecting scams which often remain completely undetected. We prevent this by employing what we have researched to be the most effective and unobtrusive security software so that you can know that your confidential data is protected.

b) We recommend, provide and implement solutions for data backup which we, thorough our extensive experience, have known to be most effective. We see proper redundancy of data as absolutely necessary in order to provide you with protection against loss. First and foremost we recommend an on-site automatic backup which you can easily monitor. In situations in which your data is trusted in our hands, we take all reasonable steps to ensure that it is kept secure against unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, corruption, loss of identification and theft.

c) As a part of our procedures regulating the collection of your personal information for purposes of maintaining our client database we provide assurances that the details we collect from you remain private. We do not share your data with any third party unless it is i) required by law, ii) when the service we provide requires us to, iii) is disclosed to a third party which we, in our reasonable judgement, view as your agent, iv) when employing services of sub-contractors who are guided by our privacy policy, v) given by your consent

When providing remote access support solutions to a computer which may have an active user, we will always make a reasonable attempt to notify the user before the remote access commences. When activating software which can allow for constant remote access to our clients computers, we always verbally inform them before commencing. A program which allows the computer user to invoke remote access support is installed for the convenience of our clients in receiving timely services and such remote access is provided only with the clients consent both at the time of the program's installation and at the beginning of each support occurrence.

All persons who have access to client information at CGFH are required to abide by this privacy policy.